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2014 New Product : Anti-Fatigue Mat

News and Events > 2014 New Product : Anti-Fatigue Mat

2014 New Product : Anti-Fatigue Mat

What is an Anti-fatigue Mat ?   

1. Am ergonomic floor mat desinged to ease the strain of standing for a long time.

2.Provide support and comfort to balance stree of standing &

   reduce the fatigue. 

3. Reducing vibration of machinery and protect fallen product and tools.

 Where Need Anti-Fatigue Mat ?

 1. Ktichen

2. Laboratory

3. Operation Room

4. Counter , Cash Desk

5. Asseble Lines

6. Factory Workstation


1. Anti-slip texture surface.

2. Tapered on all sides for Safety.

3. Adding antimicrobial function according to customer


4. Water proof, light weight, easy to clean and move.

5. Good oil resistance against break down from grease.

6. NBR + PVC composition (non DOP),low combustion.


1. Special cushion design relieve stress of muscle and nerves.

2. Proper thickness balance stress of standing and reduce fatigue.

3.  Adjusting standing positions eases body strain.     

updated at 2014-05-14
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