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New & Special Back/Waist Brace Belt

New product available this month - Special design Back/Waist Brace Belt WR-101 with carbon fiber bamboo to offer the perfect protection and brace on your lumbar what-ever you are working or moving time.

Something special about our WR-101 are :


  • Whole weaved by carbon fiber bamboo with infrared rays and anions.
  • Effectly 8" height brace on lumbar of back/waist.
  • To offer the perfect  protection and brace of lumbar.
  • Antibacterial , deodorizing, moisture-absorption  and  ventilative function.
  • Could be for rehabilitation or health care/protetion use. 



    For more information or details, please send your enquiry to us at Email :

  • updated at 2010-01-06
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